We work with our customers to provide cost efficient technical support.

Lighthouse Computer Systems technical services are divided into three technical support levels, LEVEL ONE through LEVEL THREE. Each level provides an increasing degree of specialty or talent with the technician or engineer that is dispatched.

At LEVEL ONE, you are provided with a technician who will posess at minimum, general capabilities in multiple areas with adequate knowledge to support most common problems. Since your problem may not require a specialist, both you and Lighthouse Computer Systems can keep costs low by reserving specialists for only those critial times when a specialist is required.

Examples of LEVEL ONE support include: personal computer repair, personal computer installation, and desktop product software support.

At LEVEL TWO, you are provided with a technician or engineer who will posess special talent solving the type of problem that you require a solution to.

Examples of LEVEL TWO support include: network support and installation, cabling, non-desktop product support such as third party software products.

At LEVEL THREE, you are provided with an engineer who will solve your problem if it is possible to solve it. Lighthouse Computer Systems LEVEL THREE support is utilized by clients as well as other computer support organizations, to solve problems when no one else can.

Examples of LEVEL THREE support include: combination problems involving the networking of a software product, or a hardware problem which conflicts with network operation.