Programming and Databases
Most of your general computing needs might easily be addressed by the common office automation software and off-the-shelf applications. Eventually, most companies will find that they have some unique ability or feature which makes an off-the-shelf product impossible to find without forcing themselves to conform and confine themselves to a pre-packaged application thereby losing what may be their competitive edge in their marketplace. That's when software integration, custom databases and custom software are required. We can provide custom software to run in most existing environments. Microsoft Access, SQL, C, COBOL, BASIC, JAVA, PERL, and HTML are just a few of the items in our bag of software development tools.

The most expensive part of choosing and implementing a hardware and software solution isn't the upfront purchase price and recurring cost. Low cost, cobbled together solutions often cost far more in the long run since inefficient use of staff hours due to re-keying information, maintenance overhead, or downtime experienced is typically far more expensive. We can examine and improve work flow, redundancy, and disaster recovery plans to match what is necessary for your company to meet your customer's expectations. Our wide range of experience with multiple types of organizations can bring alternative solutions which may not have been considered. We can provide support for unstaffed positions, recommend more efficient technology department structures, determine required training areas, and assist in the evaluation of new hires.

Systems Management and Operations
Data center class systems maintaining critical data require a data center class methodology. Smaller businesses can benefit from the reliability and cost savings of having these methodologies downsized to their level and budget, rather than the often typical upsizing of "home duty" or "retail store" configurations. We can provide fully orchestrated roll out plans, automation, and operational scheduling to make sure you have an uninterrupted daily operation. We track issues so that if they reoccur we can roll out solutions across all devices to prevent further occurrences.

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Network Services
Whether your network is a single site with a connection to the internet, or multiple sites connected with a wide area network backbone or virtual private network (VPN), Lighthouse Computer Systems has solutions. Internet protocols are a second language to us.

Desktop and Personal Computer Services
Sites that we support can leave workstation repairs, upgrades, replacements, software fixes, and annoying operating system messages to us.